Global VIP Game Customer Service
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Job Responsibilities

1. Communicate with players through multiple channels to help players solve problems encountered in the game; 2. Collect, organize and respond to game suggestions and bugs submitted by players, to help improve the game experience of players; 3. Establish a good communication relationship with VIP players, and improve the satisfaction and game stickiness of them.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, excellent English/Japanese/Korean/Thai/Vietnamese/Indonesian/Arabic/Turkish and other language skills; 2. Have passion for games, rich game experience, and at least 1-year working experience in game player service; 3. Cheerful personality, good language organization and communication skills; 4. Patient and meticulous, have a good sense of service and adaptability; 5. Good teamwork spirit and pressure-resistance ability, able to accept high-intensity work.

Required Languages

Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian

Job Details

Position type

Customer service


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