Global VIP Game Customer Service
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Job description

1. Communicate with players through multiple channels to help players solve problems encountered in the game; 2. Collect, organize and respond to game suggestions and bugs submitted by players, to help improve the game experience of players; 3. Establish a good communication relationship with VIP players, and improve the satisfaction and game stickiness of them.


1. Bachelor degree or above, excellent English/Japanese/Korean/Thai/Vietnamese/Indonesian/Arabic/Turkish and other language skills; 2. Have passion for games, rich game experience, and at least 1-year working experience in game player service; 3. Cheerful personality, good language organization and communication skills; 4. Patient and meticulous, have a good sense of service and adaptability; 5. Good teamwork spirit and pressure-resistance ability, able to accept high-intensity work.

Required Languages

Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian

Job Details

Position type

Customer Service / Sales Admin


Entry level

You by clicking the "apply" button (lower left), the recruiter will be informed of your application and be able to view your contact info and download your attachments.

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