Homeroom Teacher(2-6YSO)
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthShanghai
Little Scholar Academy
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Job Responsibilities

1.学历及专业 Degree and Discipline: Bachelor's Degree or above,Education major prefenred 2.相关工作经验 Relevant Working Experience: At least two years Earty childhood education experience; 3.主要工作职责 JOB DESCRIPTION:(列举主要的工作职责) 1)Famihar with curnculum implement English curricuhm participate in curicuhm revision and update. 2)Do a good job of children's teaching observation and case record 3)Actively participate in education,teaching and research activities 4)Class parents comumication and other work 5)Communicate and assist with Chinese teachers 6)Participate in envuronmental creation 7)Large campus activites design and organization

Job Requirements

相关知识/技能、能力 Relevant Knowledge/Skill and Ability: 1)Native English speaker 2)Must have Preschool teacher qualification certificate or TEFL/TESOL certification(at least 120 hours) 3)Teachers with epergy,creativity and a passion for working in early childhood education 4)Holders of PGCE certificate are preferred 5) Having Scientific views on education and children;Love preschool education conduct and physical conditions for normal performance of duties.

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English teacher


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