HR Internship in Headhunting firm
Part-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthShanghai
The Jace-Kelly Leadership Acquisitions
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Job Responsibilities

Are you not afraid of challenges and growth? Would you like to switch careers, or know more about people, or just start something new all over again? We are offering you a 6 months internship program to grow yourself! THE JACE-KELLY is the result of combined passion of great veterans who bring in proven track records of successes in some of our own careers as well as renown reputations within the executive search industry in Greater China. We believe and we act (please refer to our Business Charter). And we are full of experiences and successes in recruiting the best leaders. THE JACE-KELLY first defines the business model of Leadership Acquisitions for China. We observe and understand how some of our competitors keep on failing in China. We are frustrated by the fact that only a few MNCs successfully acquire good leadership. And we are confident to help bridging this important gap. We take corporate social responsibility seriously. No matter how busy we are, it's always our passion to allocate 25% of our time for public/volunteer works. Together with some global leading business schools, we recommend post-MBA career strategies for students for China. However it is a valid opportunity also for recently graduated students (Bachelor's Degree). Even at some critical moments, we comfort the public by giving a factual update on the current market situation despite financial crisis. Our consultants often give lectures/speeches at universities or public. Allow THE JACE-KELLY to work with you - to build and sustain your success. Job Description 1. In-house recruitment, including resume screening, phone interview and face to face candidate interview 2. Assist consultant to do research and analysis of candidates 3. Responsible for the daily discipline, attendance and performance appraisal, HR issues such as promotion 4. Responsible for receiving visitors, answering/transferring phone calls correctly, recording and delivering messages 5. Responsible for arranging the meeting rooms and providing related conference services (such as equipment, cleaning management, etc.) 6. Participating in one special business project, such as PR, litigation, consulting, best practice Benefits/Knowledge and skills you will get from this internship 1. Intern training, more understanding of the industry and the position 2. The success formula of both small businesses as well as big MNCs winning in China. 3. A complete recruitment business cycle 4. Grow your own Guanxi (i.e. people connections) into a forest. 5. Persuasion. Driving people do what they don’t usually do. 6. Hearts reading. Discovering what a hiring manager truly wants Time and Location This internship is available all year round. Interns can start at any beginning of month and the internship will last 6 months. We are located in the heart of Shanghai, near metro line 1, Xinzha Road. Our address is: 356 Xinzha Road, Suite 502 (YHPD Riverside Mansion) Huangpu District Shanghai 200003, China It is an internship, therefore there is just an allowance not salary.

Job Requirements

1. You need to be excellent in both written and oral English 2. You have to be a skilled communicator, or have a passion for people 3. You must be responsible, proactive and self-motivated 4. You must be able to work under pressure 5. Compulsory: available a minimum of 5 working days per week, for a period 6 month

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Recruitment specialist


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