India Finance Manager
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Responsibilities: 1. Lead local finance team to complete the daily accounting work, ensure the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of accounting process; 2. Review consolidated financial statements and management reports of subsidiary in India, responsible for submitting monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements and management reports to financial center of headquarters; 3. Assist the headquarters to establish and strengthen the subsidiary’s finance team, improve the accounting system and financial reporting system, implement effective internal controls; 4. Prepare the subsidiary’s fund plans, including monthly fund reports to management and monitoring investment budgets; calculate the cost of financing for the new investments of the subsidiary, and provide alternative financing options; 5. Understand local tax regulations in India, responsible for the communication with local tax authorities, and ensure the compliance of financial and tax issues; 6. Coordinate with auditors and tax accountants to complete the annual financial audit and tax filings; 7. Participate in decision-making process of operations in the subsidiary, provide financial analysis to support the decision-making process for the company's operation and new investments; 8. Complete other tasks assigned by the headquarters.


Requirements: 1. Bachelor’s degree or above, major in finance-related area, proficiency in IFRS and US GAAP; 2. 5+ years finance-related working experience, internet or real estate industry experience is preferred; 3. Chinese applicants should have overseas working experience, India experience would be a plus, proficiency in oral and written English; might be relocated to India; 4. Personal characters: integrity, detail-oriented, strongly self-driven, able to work under pressure.

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