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Job Responsibilities

Guide the establishment of intelligent driving test and verification system as well as specifications; Conduct test and verification planning, test requirements analysis, and guide the team to conduct tests 1. Responsible for the establishment of intelligent driving vehicle test system, working progress and team guidance; 2. Responsible for the intelligent driving vehicle test planning, test requirements planning, test solution, and guide the vehicle development and verification testing; 3. Responsible for organization of team building and maintenance of test specifications, test cases, and guide the preparation of test reports; 4. Responsible for establishment of the intelligent driving test database ( case library) , guide and train test and verification engineers; 5. Responsible for conducting intelligent driving system test, including setting up debugging equipment before the test (including but not limited to Vbox, RT3000, ABD robot, etc.), recording test data during the test, and performing data analysis after the test.

Job Requirements

Responsible for guiding the team to carry out simulation and scene database establishment (1. More than 8 years working experience in famous and large vehicle factory / testing center / or an internationally renowned component company, or a PhD with more than 5 years working experience, including at least 3 years of work experience in intelligent driving vehicle testing; 2. Participated in the research and development of intelligent driving vehicle project as the vehicle test director, with relevant technology and platform development experience; 3. Familiar with intelligent driving vehicle test system, software and hardware development process, and technical requirements for related systems; 4. Familiar with the vehicle development and verification process, the relevant standards and regulations of intelligent driving; 5.Familiar with environment perception, decision control, execution system and other technologies and principles,)

Required Languages

Korean, Japanese, German, Chinese, English

Job Details

Position type

Manufacturing / Production



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