Kindergarten English Teacher (teaching English as a second language)
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthJinhua
Soong Ching Ling Yiwu Kindergarten
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Job Responsibilities

Job Requirements: 1.Teaching ESL--- English as a Second Language. Responsible for student development in full-English immersion, aged 2-6. 2. Working hours are Monday to Friday ,7:30am-17:00pm, normally 1-2classes everyday, the rest of time staying in the class.(average working time 8 hours a day, with a lunch break of 2hours) 3. Attending all scheduled meetings and activities where his/her presence is required. 4.Other tasks assigned by the kindergarten and our school in his/her working hours. 5. The class is no more than 20 children, and three are four teachers totally in one class,including the head teacher, assistant teacher, foreigner teacher and children-care worker. 6. Curriculum/Textbook will be provided.

Job Requirements

Job Description: 1. Have a good professional ethic. Be patient, responsible and have teamwork spirit. 2. Understand the psychological development characteristics of preschool children. 3. Bachelor Degree or above. 4. TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certificate, etc. 5. Two years’ preschool teaching Experience Preferred. 6. Native English Speaker preferred. Benefits: 1. Competitive Monthly Salary(RMB20000-RMB25000) based upon experience, education and certification. 2. Paid vacation time: Official Chinese holiday(16 days) and winter vacation(usually a month). 3. Housing or housing stipend provided. 4. Support and assistance on the visa application. 5 .RMB 6000 flight allowance every year. 6. Providing three meals a day from Monday to Friday, which made by a hotel chef.(including Chinese food and western food, organic vegetable, oil pork etc.) 7. A café bar in teacher's resting area. 8. Teacher fitness club provided for free.

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