Korean Games operator (Korean Natives and Non natives)
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Job Responsibilities

Important requirements: - Candidates currently outside of China are now welcome to apply - Non natives with good command of Korean language can also apply - candidate from 朝鲜族 are welcome to apply - Good command of Chinese language About the Employer: FunPlus is a world leading interactive entertainment company that puts fun first for audience worldwide. Founded in 2010, FunPlus employs over 700 people with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, San Francisco, Tokyo, Taipei, and many other cities all over the world. Description: 1. Responsible for operation planning, product planning, plan management and execution of the game (South Korea); 2. Responsible for product characteristics mining, product operation planning, localization (if necessary), and daily operation related process design; 3. Leading product operation planning, responsible for researching and managing product demand from users and the company, completing demand analysis, putting forward suggestions for product improvement, and promoting product development; 4. Organize and coordinate project resources such as market, technology, operation and maintenance, etc., and implement the whole process of product and product promotion activities, including plan formulation and execution evaluation; 5. Handle special events during the operation of online games; 6. Other work related to the project and team management.

Job Requirements

Requirements: (good command of Chinese language) 1. Candidates inside & outside China can now apply 2. Korean speakers (Natives, Non natives, 朝鲜族); familiar with Korean game products and Korean user needs. 3. Bachelor degree or above, online game operation experience of two or more complete processes; 4. Sensitive to product data, with excellent operational analysis capabilities, and understanding of the industry development trends; 5. Possess passion, keen observation, excellent work responsibility, and rigorous thinking; 6. Strong planning ability, product management ability, organization and coordination ability; 7. Proactive, have a strong sense of teamwork, good at communication and expression, and able to bear strong work pressure.

Required Languages

Chinese, Korean

Job Details

Position type

Graphic/Visual Design


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