Mathematics Teacher
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Tsinglan School
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1. Responsibly plan and teach math lessons and support students as a homeroom teacher 2. Contribute to the development of a comprehensive math curriculum for Tsinglan School 3. Contribute to the active, co-curricular math program at Tsinglan School 4. Create an upper school (grade 9-12) component to the math program when the upper school is added 5. Support student learning by collaborating with other teachers and departments of the school, especially supporting ESL learning in math classes and programs 6. Enhance the mathematical skills for students; help students with special mathematical talents move far in this area by recommending opportunities to them and possibly offering extra tutorials 7. Support the school’s commitment to the 4C skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in teaching and working with colleagues 8. Promote cross-cultural understanding among faculty and students 9. Participate actively in curricular work, curricular writing, and professional development within the curriculum group and the faculty at large 10. Whenever possible, become involved in interdisciplinary teaching with colleagues 11. Maintain positive relationships with parents and participate in parent-teacher conferences 12. Assist with Foci-Learning Week, Summer School, Study Trips and/or other student activites when possible.


1. English speaker (at native level) with excellent verbal and written English language skills; 2. Bachelor's Degree or higher degree of math related subjects supported with a teaching certificate/training 3. An effective teaching practitioner; 4. Competent in the use of ICT and software/hardware based teaching resources 5. A proven ability to bring about improvements in the quality of teaching and learning across a curriculum area that results in improved outcomes for students; 6. Strong working knowledge of an international curriculum esp. on American common core; 7. Committed to the protection and safeguarding of children; 8. Passionate and ambitious about the success of Tsinglan School; 9. An effective communicator; 10. Experience of teaching children for whose English is an additional language is preferred; 11. Previous experience of teaching within an ESL or start-up environment will be advantageous 12. Flexibility, patience and team spirits are also desirable assets

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Training / Education Management


Senior Executive

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