Music Artist Development Assistant
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Job description

MusicDish manages and tours a roster of international artists in China. We are seeking motivated candidates to help develop our artists in China, including securing concert and festival bookings for the artists and as well coordinating promotion and tour planning. - Develop and translate material for artist promotion, including artist biography, music reviews, wechat articles,... - Artist promotion on Chinese platforms such as Wangyi, Weibo and Tencent Video - Communicate with live music venues, festivals and cultural/art spaces - Arrange and coordinate planning and marketing for music tours and concerts - Develop marketing campaign for music releases (album, single) for Chinese music streaming platforms


- Bachelor's degree or above - Chinese native language with fluency in English - Passion for working in the music industry - Ability to learn through hands-on experience - Some prior internship experience is preferred

Required Languages

English, Chinese

Job Details

Position type

Art / Design / Creative



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