Office Space Designer
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Job Responsibilities

1. According to the customer's use requirements, complete the overall design plan of the office space, from the office space layout, furniture selection, to interior decoration and product transformation, etc. for the whole case design. 2. Control the functional design, layout planning, space aesthetics, etc. of the office space. 3. According to different areas and use requirements, provide a variety of design solutions, participate in the discussion of sales staff and customers, and guide customers together with sales staff. 4. Combine the new product design concept and point of sale, design the supporting product scene graph, combine with other products for combination design, and provide multiple combinations for the sales personnel to use.

Job Requirements

Ability requirements: 1. Excellent space creation and layout planning capabilities. 2. Strong interior design ability 3. Better optimize the ability of products (mainly furniture) in the space, and carry out product design 4. Candidates must be in China now and willing to work in Guangzhou Qualifications: 1. Foreigners currently working in China, those from Western areas such as Europe and the United States have priority; 2. Talents who graduated from relevant universities with relevant architecture and interior design majors are preferred 3. More than 3 years of interior design or office space design experience, such as talents with experience in well-known design projects are preferred Benefits: 1. Salary: Annual salary of RMB 250k-400k 2. Working hours: 8:00-17:00, weekends 3. Legal holidays If you are qualified and interested in this position, please send your CV and representative designing works (office design) to Wechat ID: hiredchina4; hiredchina7

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