Overseas Recruitment Manager
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Job description

1, From 0-1 to build overseas recruitment system, open up overseas recruitment channels. 2, Responsible for the introduction of overseas talent channels and suppliers docking, including but not limited to overseas headhunting, overseas universities, overseas recruitment platform. 3, To complete the overseas talent introduction target, supplement the company's overseas talent pool. 4, The initial construction of overseas employers brand influence, improve the recruitment of enterprises visibility. 5, Collect overseas recruitment data, analysis and optimization of overseas recruitment strategy. 6. Other jobs related to overseas recruitment. 7, Fluent in Chinese and English.


1, Proficient in English, can be used in English as the working language, oral language to achieve barrier-free communication level. 2, Undergraduate education, more than 2 years of overseas work experience, study background is preferred. 3, Overseas culture, overseas recruitment and overseas talent distribution has a clear understanding. 4, Recruitment and talent introduction has enthusiasm, hope in this field of deep cultivation and accumulation. 5, Excellent coordination and expression ability, strong pressure resistance.

Required Languages

Chinese, English

Job Details

Position type

Human Resources



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