Preschool Homeroom Teacher
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthBaoTou
International Preschool of Raleigh
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Job Responsibilities

This position serves as the lead teacher in a classroom by planning, implementing, and supervising all classroom activities. The teacher is responsible for delivering curriculum instruction to assigned preschool classroom. All of our classroom foreign teachers co-teach with one other Chinese teacher. Teachers are jointly responsible for ensuring that all students learn the basic and essential skills for each age/grade level assigned. Teachers are expected to nurture emotional development, provide intellectual stimulation, and ensure an equitable learning environment for all children in each class.

Job Requirements

Position Duties • Execute daily schedule and outlined curriculum as provided • Complete student assessments and documentation • Keep detailed records and reports of student performance and behavior • Attend weekly planning meetings Education Background • Native English speaker with Bachelor’s degree or above. An associate degree in a field related to early childhood education will be preferred. Professional Expectations • Treat all children with respect and use positive discipline techniques • Work collaboratively and respectfully with co-teacher to carry out all position duties • Maintain open communication with Head of School/Head of International Department on all student and parent concerns • Communicate with parents in a timely, positive, and respectful manner • Remain alert and focused on the students at all times Required Physical Demands • Ability to stand for long hours • Ability to bend many times a day due to continuous involvement with children • Ability to do a lot of jumping, dancing, and continuous movement with children • Ability to be able to lift a child in the classroom

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English Teaching


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