Quality & Technical Director
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Job Responsibilities

1. Organize the development and strategic planning for new products. 2.Responsible for the research and development of new processes,new technologies and new material. 3.Manage the overall core technology of our group companies and its subsidiaries. 4.Discover and leverage effective information from science and technology industry. 5.Responsible for developing an overall quality management, meet the needs of the development strategy. 6.Establish and maintain quality management system, review and track the improvements of it, ensure it working effectively for the Group and the subsidiaries. 7.Provide after-sales quality services in major markets. 8.Strengthen team building in quality center organization and development department,including professional competency training and improvement.

Job Requirements

1.Bachelor's degree or above,priority in SCIENCE. 2.More than 10 years experience in manufacture company,or more than 5 years experience in large medium-sized metal (beverage/food) packaging industry that engaged in quality management as the head or manager of the department. 3.With the ability to completed the quality assurance of the company, independently deal with other related activities in quality assurance; 4.Familiar with the quality standards of the national metal packaging industry,including the management theory, tools and methods of quality management modules.

Required Languages

Other, Chinese, Thai, English

Job Details

Position type

Quality Assurance/ Control



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