R&D Engineer
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthZhuHai
Honest medical China Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

Optimize and improve our current clinical tumor gene testing products and processes Participate in the R&D of new technology platform and products(NGS, dPCR), Responsible for summarizing literature and market data, designing and improving experimental scheme etc. Lead the whole process of the experimental scheme, complete the predevelopment of product, job description, pilot test and production transfer process Solve key problems in product development process: raw material screening, process optimization, performance verification, etc. Write the product technical requirements document, complete the new product conversion; Timely file and sort out data of all stages of R&D; part of products need to cooperate with new product registration work Provide technical support of NGS to other departments ( bioinfomatics, product, registration, etc.)

Job Requirements

MS or above degree in molecular biology, biological engineering, genetics, microbiology or equivalent discipline; BS degree with 3+ years of experience in development of molecular biology product. Solid knowledge and understanding on molecular biology, familiar with molecular biology lab skills such as qPCR、NGS. Project development of sample preparation (e.g. nucleic acid extraction or purification kit) 、tumor、NIPT or related kit (qPCR,NGS) experience is required; experience with NGS RUO product development is preferred, or bioinformatics analysis ability, document writing, related patent application experience is preferred. Experience in molecular diagnostic product development, familiar with product registration regulations is preferred • Strong ability to find and solve problems; independently undertake R&D related work; having a keen sense of responsibility, self-motivation, good communication and teamwork skills ;innovative and critical thinking with project management experience is preferred

Required Languages

Chinese, English

Job Details

Position type

Medical / Healthcare


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