Recruitment specialist
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthBeiJing, Overseas
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Job Responsibilities

Job Description【岗位职责】: 1.Responsible for the formulation of the department phase Recruitment Strategy and on-site implementation;负责制定部门阶段性招聘策略及落地执行; 2.Support the job recruitment of business departments, responsible for sorting out, analyzing and optimizing the recruitment process, effective management and optimization of recruitment channels;支持业务部门岗位招聘,负责梳理,分析和优化招聘流程,有效管理及优化招聘渠道; 3.In-depth job analysis, responsible for team recruitment, selection, assessment of candidates, talent map construction, the completion of recruitment objectives; 深入职位分析,负责团队招募,甄选,评估候选人,人才地图构建,完成招聘目标; 4.Take the employer brand building as the goal, helps the company to establish the strategic human relations circle, becomes the company and the profession senior personage's connector;以雇主品牌建设为目标,帮助公司建立战略性人脉圈,成为公司和行业资深人士的连接者; 5.Participate in the construction of recruitment system and related optimization.参与招聘体系建设及相关的优化。

Job Requirements

Job Requirement【工作要求】: 1.At least 5 years professional working experience in recruitment field;5年以上招聘领域专业工作经验; 2.Have the skills and values for professional talent selection and evaluation具有专业的人才的选拔和评估的技能和价值观; 3.Love the recruitment work, business-oriented, data sensitivity, good at thinking and summary;热爱招聘工作,业务导向,数据敏感性高,擅长思考和总结; 4.Excellent communication, coordination and negotiation skills优秀的沟通协调、谈判能力; 5.Internet company recruitment experience//headhunter experience preferred//Mapping experience preferred互联网公司招聘经验//猎头经验优先//Mapping经验优先。

Required Languages

Chinese, English

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Human Resources


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