STEAM Curriculum Development
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Job Responsibilities

STEAM Curriculum Development 1. According to the company's teaching requirements, I was responsible for the teaching and research work related to the early childhood STEAM initiation course, and integrated STEAM course across disciplines(Science、Technology、Engineering、Math、Art、Reading), 2. Responsible for the implementation, tracking, evaluation and optimization of teaching and research courses within the discipline, summarizing teaching results regularly to ensure the completion of teaching objectives; 3. Responsible for the discipline training of front-line teachers, and provide support for the daily teaching of the class;4. Actively promote the in-depth integration of STEAM course content and other course content of the company.

Job Requirements

1. Master degree or above, 211 university graduate (major in engineering or physics), science course development teacher, master degree or above in physics or engineering, strong creativity, open mind, team work, willing to work in early childhood education is preferred; 2. At least two years' teaching and research experience or teaching experience in STEAM related subjects, and have certain knowledge and understanding of the needs of children and teachers; 3. Willing to embrace innovative education, strong learning ability, logical thinking ability and interdisciplinary team communication skills; 4. Diligent, practical, responsible, strong ability to work under pressure, and have good professional ethics, and can strictly abide by industry rules.

Required Languages

Chinese, English

Job Details

Position type

Other education positions


3~5 years

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