Supervisor of AQE(Applied quality engineering)(India)
Amperex Technology Limited
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Job Responsibilities

Base on: India NOTE: The candidate will have a traning in China in 2020 first and then base on India after the end of the c.o.v.i.d-19 . 1. Participate or set up quality services, lead customer complaint, and promote quality improvement and follow-up improvements 2. Participate in 4M1E change management, determine the level of change, actively communicate with customers and feedback the results to internal 3. Participate in process quality abnormity handling, control quality risk, and promote quality improvement and follow-up improvement effects 4. Organize and plan ORT monitoring items and monitor ORT test results

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above,5 years customer service experience in electronics industry 2. Materials science, chemistry, mechanics or other engineering majors background 3. Proficient in 8D, QC 7tools, 6sigma 4. English reading/listening/spoken ability

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Other production positions


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