Talent Development Manager (Indians only)
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Job Responsibilities

1. According to manpower establishment and future capacity demand,reasonable planning of manpower 2. Establish,implement and optimize the staff training and talent development system 3. To supervise the formulation,implementation and effect confirmation of aducation and training plan of each department 4. Undertake induction training,RBA training,HSF training,nine modules of training 5. Reaponsible for SMT post skills training,reserve cadre training,etc 6. Formulate and implement employee retention plan and supervise the implementation of each department

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in business administration, business administration or human resource management 2. Good presentation skills or experience with in-house lecturers 3. Professional background in training and talent development 4. Willing to share, willing to help others grow I am looking for many positions for A top 5 Laptop manufacturing company in Chennai, India (Chinese company name:PEGATRON) (Looking for 30+ Indian candidates for Positions like: IE section manager/SMT Section manager/Lab Section manager/LTS Senior Engineer/AOI Section manager/ IE Engineer/PE Engineer/Industrial Engineer/System Maintenance Leader/System maintenance engineer/Operating Management Cost analysis/ ……For more job details pls check the attached file.Candidates have working experience in SMT production line is preferred. If you would like to apply for these positions .Pls let me know : 1.Which position you think you are fit for and would like to apply for ? Could you make a brief description(Your advantage why HR should hire you) about why you are fit for this job ?(i will write what u send me into your recommendation message and send to HR ) 2.What's your current salary? 3.What's your expected salary ? 4.When can you start to work in the new factory ? 5.Do you use wechat or Dingtalk? My wechat:GICone Dingtalk:carrehuang i will send you the 30+job description via email if you have interest 6.If you have other friends who might fit for other position. Pls kindly recommend to me.

Required Languages

English, Hindi

Job Details

Position type

Human Resources


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