Thai Advertising Specialist
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthGuangzhou
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for packaging and releasing the game's features and launching the game in overseas markets, and carrying out overseas advertising on Google, Facebook and other advertising platforms; 2. Responsible for real-time monitoring of advertising data, analysis and statistics, and timely adjustment of advertising strategy, so as to achieve the advertising optimization effect; 3. Responsible for analyzing advertising material reports, understanding the art style of the target market, grasping the language style of the target market, and providing constructive Suggestions for the production of advertising materials and copywriting design; 4. Responsible for making case analysis reports of advertisement account optimization regularly and summarizing optimization experience; 5. Be responsible for paying attention to and studying relevant new functions or products that are helpful for advertising on Google, Facebook, etc., evaluate and select new functions or products that are suitable for the company's product promotion, and launch the advertisements; 6. Responsible for the daily report, weekly report and monthly report of the series effect, and set the target based on week and month; 7. Responsible for market launch research of competing products.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree, Thai major, 1 year or above experience in overseas advertising for game companies; 2. Familiar with overseas marketing, strong logical thinking, quick learning ability and sensitive awareness of data analysis; 3. Proactive, patient and meticulous in work, with a high sense of responsibility and anti-pressure ability; 4. Good communication skills, good coordination skills and team spirit.

Required Languages

English, Chinese, Thai

Job Details

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