Turkic Operation
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Job Responsibilities

1. Participate in the formulation and implementation of the company's overseas product operation plan; 2. Overseas competitive product situation and industry market research; according to product situation, local users and market demand, optimize and localize products; 3. Through in-depth understanding of users, combined with data, suggest improvements to product functions, operational directions, and content creativity; 4. Evaluate the effects and recycling of marketing channels to help the market improve the efficiency of delivery.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than two years of work experience; mobile Internet, live broadcast social product operation experience is preferred; 2. More than one year of overseas product operation experience is preferred; Fluent in English listening, speaking, reading, writing, and working language is preferred; Arabic is preferred 3. Have data thinking and clear result-oriented awareness, and have strong executive motivation; 5. Good teamwork spirit, able to adapt to international business trips. Good communication and coordination skills and patience

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