AUX Group Company Limited
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AUX Home Appliances, the largest-scale business sector of the AUX Group, has industrial bases in Ningbo, Nanchang, Ma'anshan and Thailand, one industrial base under construction in Zhengzhou, and R&D centers in Ningbo, Zhuhai and Japan. Products mainly include household and commercial air conditioners,etc. AUX has achieved tremendous growth with 29 years of experience in professional refrigeration industry. Our products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and America. AUX ranks first in the market share in more than 20 countries such as Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Turkey, and ranks first in share in the overall ODM capacity of 21 major customers such as Panasonic, Electrolux and York, and has become the official exclusive supplier of air conditioners for the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022. 集团始创1986年,产业涵盖家电、电力设备、医疗、地产、投资等领域,连续多年位列中国500强; 2022年,集团营收810亿元,总资产632亿元,员工3万余名,拥有11大制造基地:宁波(3家)、南昌、天津、马鞍山、郑州、巴西、印尼、泰国、波兰,6大研发中心。智能电表、电力箱行业领先;投资及运营医疗机构37家。 旗下拥有2家上市公司(三星医疗601567、奥克斯国际02080),为国家认定企业技术中心、国家级知识产权示范企业和博士后工作站常设单位。

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