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Reachable Education无远教育是由来自哈佛大学、贝恩资本等知名机构的投资人出资创立的创新教育科技公司。公司位于上海市静安区,自2015年成立至今,始终由拥有全球战略咨询公司背景的咨询顾问管理和运营。Reachable运营并投资多个教育项目,是全国近百所国际重点学校信任的合作伙伴。 Since 2015, we have combined all our efforts here in China's secondary schools into a systematic and country-wide campaign - "Youth Impact China". This campaign is established to further encourage students maximize their impact on themselves as well as communities around after their learnings on our connected platforms. It aims at building a sustainable mechanism in schools and among students to ensure their continuous efforts and investment in the qualities that are important to our young people's tomorrow. It also serves the purpose of improving the awareness of both students and parents of the necessity and the importance of learning extracurricular knowledge and skills. We are cooperating with visionary schools in China to mobilize our students. If you are interested in our work and programs, please contact us for more detailed information.

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