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Job Responsibilities

Local Sales & Marketing of Tianyang Products

Job Requirements

4. Recruitment or agency conditions of Tianyang: 1) The agent (individual or company) is required to be able to independently invest the required expenses and bear certain business risks. 2) The agent/applicant is required to be familiar with hydraulic steel tube, metallurgical composite pipe and application fields. 3) Like the industry, recognize the corporate culture of Tianyang Steel Tube, trust the arrangement and command of the headquarters of Tianyang Steel Tube, and maintain information exchange. 5. Recruitment or agency process of Tianyang Steel Tube: 2)Application: filling in the The Agency of Application Form or sending a resume. 3) Review: conduct preliminary qualification review according to the information filled in. 4) Agreement: After the preliminary review is passed, the cooperation intention is reached and the agency or work agreement is determined.

Required Languages

Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Indonesian, Greek, German, French, English, Dutch, Czech, Mandarin, Arabic, Other

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Other sales positions


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