Overseas product operation(海外产品运营)
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Job Responsibilities

1. Participate in the overseas regional operation of app product, and be responsible for the improvement of business data; 2. Familiar with overseas product promotion, plan and implement corresponding app user growth strategy with users as the core; 3. Be responsible for the operation of the whole life cycle of product, build user funnel, continuously study the driving factors of user retention, optimize user experience and improve user retention activity; 4. Responsible for in-app payment optimization , mine user habits in different scenes, analyze user conversion paths, improve user conversion rate and promote the growth of key indicators; 5. Participate in the establishment of an effective data-driven operation system, collect, analyze and mine product user data, and formulate or revise user growth strategy accordingly. 1、负责APP产品海外区域运营工作,对用户转化率、业务数据提升负责; 2、熟悉海外产品宣传推广,以用户为核心,规划并实施相应的APP运营用户增长策略; 3、负责产品用户全生命周期的运营,构建产品漏斗持续优化,研究用户留存的驱动因素,持续推动体验优化,提升用户留存活跃; 4、负责产品内付费项目运营规划和落地实施,挖掘和分析用户使用习惯、场景和体验,梳理用户转化路径,提升用户转化率,促进关键指标的增长达成; 5、建立有效的运营数据分析体系,对产品运营的数据进行收集,分析和挖掘,并根据数据制定或修正产品运营增长策略。

Job Requirements

1. Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, overseas study or living background in English-speaking country is preferred; 2. Familiar with product planning, be able to write product documents and follow up requirements independently; 3. Solid knowledge related to app operation , strong data analysis ability. Successful record of overseas app operation is preferred; 4. Strong learning ability and cross-team collaboration skills. 1、沟通能力强,英语精通听说读写,可作为工作语言,有海外留学或生活背景优先; 2、具备一定的产品策划能力,能独立完成文档撰写、需求跟进; 3、运营基础功扎实,有较强的数据分析能力,有成功海外APP运营经验者优先; 4、有良好的学习能力、项目管理能力和跨团队沟通能力。

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Other operations positions


3~5 years

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