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B2B International Sales (based in Ningbo)
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Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibility: 1.According to the company's strategy, formulate a sales plan and complete the sales target 2.Regularly conduct market research and market analysis, and output research and analysis reports; 3.Use the company's platform and exhibitions to develop new customers, and be responsible for customer background research and analysis, so as to facilitate the accurate development of customers; 4.According to the existing customer resources, formulate and implement the core customer attack plan 5.Responsible for the landing of new products, and cooperate with internal business partners according to customer intentions to realize new product needs of customers; 6.Be responsible for tracking the project plan and progress, and communicate with customers at any time to confirm: 7.Use the customer resources provided by the company to maintain existing old customers, explore new needs, recommend new products, and improve sales performance 8.Responsible for properly and effectively solving order exceptions and customer complaints and ensuring customer satisfaction; 9.Collect the arrears in time and control the risk of the order

Job Requirements

1.Bachelor’s degree or above 2.B2B International sales for 5 years and above, focusing on more than 3 years of independent development customer experience 3.Familiar with foreign trade economic laws and regulations, strong insight into customer needs, deep customer mining ability, strong data analysis, excellent project negotiation ability, extreme customer service ability, etc.; 4.Strong ability to resist pressure, high sense of responsibility, clear logical thinking ability, etc.; 5.High stability, acceptable for office in Ningbo, Zhejiang; 6.Knowing simple Chinese is a preference, it doesn’t matter if you can’t, it’s not a must requirement Please apply with Selina Email:selina.dai@hiredchina.com Wechat:hiredchina18

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3~5 years

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