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Product Development Specialist(产品开发专员)
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Job Responsibilities

Job Description: Kaiyan is seeking a highly motivated and detail-oriented Product Development Specialist to join our team. As a Product Development Specialist, you will be responsible for working on all aspects of product development from concept to finished product. You will work closely with the design team and factories to ensure that the final product meets the company's standards. Responsibilities:  Work with the design team to develop new product ideas and concepts  Research and source materials for products  Communicate with factories to ensure timely execution of samples and products  Work with factories to push the limits of what is possible in terms of packaging and product design  Keep detailed schedules and ensure that all deadlines are met  Coordinate with internal teams to ensure that products are properly tested and meet quality standards  Manage the product development process from start to finish 职责:  与设计团队一起开发新产品创意和概念  为产品进行材料研究和采购  与工厂沟通,确保样品和产品按时执行  与工厂合作,推动包装和产品设计的可能性极限  保持详细的时间表,确保所有截止日期得以满足  与内部团队协调,确保产品经过适当的测试并符合质量标准  从开始到结束管理产品开发过程

Job Requirements

Requirements:  Fluent in English and Chinese  Strong organizational and time-management skills  Ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously  Excellent communication and interpersonal skills  Experience in product development or a related field preferred  Knowledge of manufacturing processes and materials  Strong problem-solving skills If you are a self-starter with a passion for product development and are looking to join a dynamic team, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity. 要求:  精通英语和中文  强大的组织和时间管理技能  能够同时管理多个项目和截止日期  出色的沟通和人际交往能力  具有产品开发或相关领域经验者优先  了解制造工艺和材料  出色的解决问题能力 如果您是一个有激情的产品开发自我启动者,并且正在寻找加入一个充满活力的团队,我们鼓励您申请这个令人兴奋的机会。

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Product specialist


1~3 years

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