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Project Engineer(项目工程师)
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Job Responsibilities

岗位职责 Job Reponsiblities 1.可以独立统筹项目从立项到量产整个进程;总结项目进度汇报管理层; Individual managing and cooperating the project from A-Z, provide overview for upper management 2. 领导新产品的研发流程(结构与电子的设计流程); Leading New Product Development process, especially mechanical and electrical engineer development. 3.根据立项信息制定项目规划、项目详细计划 Define project structure and detailed planning according to project requirements. 4. 根据项目计划和实施方案,合理进行资源调配,合理安排项目团队人员日常工作; Define project approach, allocate resources reasonably, and daily activities of NPD team. 5. 监控项目范围、质量、进度、成本与计划的匹配并及时斧正; 积极配合协助工程师的工作,协助和检查工作完成进度和质量。 Monitoring project scope, quality, progress, budget, and planning, and take effective corrective action when project is off-line. Actively cooperate and help the work of engineers, coordinate and check the work progress and quality. 6. 及时识别项目潜在风险,提供规避风险或应对风险方案,。 Identify potential project risks in advance, unerstand the problem and provide contingency plan, act before issue appears 7. 组织项目例会、组织项目各类输出评审、关键里程碑评审会;将项目评审报发送项目组、相关领导 Organize weekly project meetings, evaluation meetings crossing departments. Update testing reports, progress reports to relevant departments. 8. 调动组员工作的热情和积极性,保持良好工作氛围。协调解决项目组内问题;组内问题无法解决时将问题升级到管理层协调 Responsible for motive group members, harmonize the group relationship. Help with internal issues within the group, when problem is not able to be solved, escalate to management team.

Job Requirements

岗位要求 Job Requirements 1. 有1-3年项目管理经验,有电子类产品研发生产经验者优先 1-3 years project management experience, experience within electronic device sector is a plus. 2. 有结构和电子工程相关知识 Knowledge and working experience with mechanical or electrical engineering. 3. 有较强的对内,对外沟通协调能力,有一定的抗压能力 Strong communication skills internally and corss-functionally; could handle certain working pressure. 4. 强烈的责任心,做事积极主动,有解决问题的能力,有强烈推动项目成功的主观意愿 . Strong sense of responsibility, pro-active,problem solving attitude, and willing to push-through for the success of projects. 5. 有以客户为中心的心态,注重产品,质量,和客户的满意度 Client and consumer oriented, focus on products, quality and client satisfactions. 6. 遇事沉着冷静,积极和开放的心态 Calm and positive attitude,open mind and open communication. 7. 英语口语和书面流利者优先 Fluent English in oral and writing.

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Product specialist


1~3 years

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