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Job Responsibilities

Scientific research and project implementation in cloud computing

Job Requirements

1. Doctoral degree or above, major in computer, electronic engineering, etc. is preferred; 2. More than 10 years of professional and technical background in computer/software, associate professor or above in the world's top scientific research institutions/universities, or technical/R&D management in the world's top Internet enterprises; More than 5 years of management experience in R&D team (more than 100 people) is preferred; 3. High-level talents who meet one of the following conditions will be given priority: IEEE Fellow and other academic honors, and who have been selected into the talent plan at the provincial and ministerial level or above (Changjiang Scholars, National Distinguished Young Scholars, Excellent Young Scholars, etc.). 4. Has a deep background in hardware technology and certain industry influence; Be able to grasp the development trend of application development technology and industry development trend, have their own unique views on key technologies, and have relevant inventions, patents and core journal papers are preferred. 5. Excellent strategic thinking and execution ability, strong organizational leadership, communication and coordination ability; Have good professionalism and professional ethics, high enterprise loyalty, and rich team building and management experience; 6. The age and working years of those who have excellent work performance in the past, or have working experience in well-known Internet/IT and cloud service leading enterprises can be appropriately relaxed; 7. At present, he has worked abroad for three years or more, regardless of nationality, and intends to return to China to work full-time for three years or more.

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Job Details

Position type

Technical Director/Architect


5~10 years

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