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Software Engineer Testing
Full-time50k - 60K RMB per monthHefei
Volkswagen (Anhui) Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

 Model-based software testing of functions for safety-relevant applications (electric steering system) taking into account standards (e.g. Autosar, automotive spice) and norms (e.g. ISO26262) •安全相关应用(电动转向系统)功能的基于模型的软件测试,考虑标准(如 Autosar、汽车香料)和规范(如 ISO26262)  Responsible for coordination of the Softwaretesting activities with internal and external R&D teams 负责与内部和外部研发团队协调软件测试活动  Development of softwaretest specifications for highly available steering systems 高可用转向系统软件测试规范的开发  Creation and maintenance of test concepts and test specifications 测试概念和测试规范的创建和维护  Supports analysis and documentation of validation results 支持验证结果的分析和记录  Continuous improvement of the softwarefunctions according. Functionality, complexity, testability and quality 根据不断改进的软件功能。功能性、复杂性、可测试性和质量

Job Requirements

 Min. bachelor Degree in the field of electrical engineering or engineering/mechatronics or comparable qualification with solid Softwaretesting skills 电气工程或工程/机电一体化领域的最低学士学位或具有扎实软件测试技能的同等资格  English (fluent), German (fluent) 英语(流利),德语(流利)  At least 1Year/4 years of professional experience in the field of softwaretesting, or comparable positions. 至少 1 年/4 年软件测试或类似职位的专业经验。  Experience in requirements engineering, requirements management 在需求工程、需求管理方面的经验  Analytical, solution-oriented and structured way of working 分析、解决方案导向和结构化的工作方式  Integrity and value-driven working style, compliant to rules and regulation 诚信和价值驱动的工作作风,遵守规章制度  Remain accountable when mistake happens and be able to speak up if something goes wrong. 当错误发生时,要负起责任,如果出了问题,要敢于直言。

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Technical Director/Architect


5~10 years

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