Technical Experts from RGB R&D
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Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities: 1. Understand the development of display industry, familiar with the process characteristics of mainstream display manufacturers 2. Responsible for the development of RGB products, including evaluation and screening of raw materials, recipe adjustment, customer review, quality inspection of standard display photoresist SBU 3. Responsible for building the RGB R&D team to ensure that R&D team members have independent R&D capabilities for approximately three years

Job Requirements

Qualification: 1. Bachelor's degree or higher, 10+ years of relevant work experience 1. Product Development Experience: With TFT-LCD RGB product development experience, products developed under the project have been shipped: 2. Customer correspondence ability: familiar with the customer's equipment production line process, able to respond and resolve various defects in the product in customer evaluation 3. Supply chain ability: very good relationship with the suppliers of the main RGB raw materials Please feel free to contact Olay for more details. Email: WhatsApp: +86 199 2537 0749 WeChat: 199 2537 0749

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Technical Director/Architect


More than 10 years

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