The foreign trade manager
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Gyrfalcon Electronics
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Job Responsibilities

1. Contact customers in Russian-speaking regions by email or other means; 2. Communicated with the head of the Russian-speaking region; 3. Collected market information and submitted market analysis reports; 4. Handled orders, followed up the progress of orders, and communicated with customers according to their requirements; 5. Relevant business records, analysis and summary; 6. Follow up the situation of foreign agents and provide necessary after-sales services;

Job Requirements

1.Russian is a native language; 2.Communication in Chinese is barrier-free; 3.Have one year experience in foreign trade; 4. Good image temperament, outgoing personality, flexible thinking, initiative, strong communication skills; 5. Strong subjective initiative, able to handle affairs independently, experience in market development is preferred; 6. Work carefully, high efficiency, strong execution; 7.The position requires a full-time office in Shenzhen

Required Languages

English, Mandarin, Russian

Job Details

Position type

Import and export trade


Less than one year

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