Translation experts in need (games localization, FULL TIME in Shenzhen China)
Pactera Technology International Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

- Survey the localization quality of our own games and the games of our competitors. - Manage multiple translation tasks with vendor teams and oversee their execution. - Prepare reference materials and assist translators during the translation process. - Conduct language quality evaluations and create quality improvement plans. - Take ownership of project documentation and assist in planning and communication.

Job Requirements

- Excellent communication skills. A lot of your work will be spent in discussions with colleagues from multiple teams.. - High-level of English proficiency (competence in reading, writing, speaking, listening necessary). - Willing to tackle a variety of tasks. One week you might be busy evaluating games, the other your skills might be needed helping to prepare and record voice-over content. - Passionate gamer able to discuss current gaming trends globally and in your own region.

Required Languages

French, English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Czech, Italian, Hindi, Korean

Job Details

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Unlimited experience

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