Sales Engineer , Service Engineer
Full-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthIndonesia, Vietnam
Saurer (Shanghai) Textile Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1、根据销售目标制定销售计划,负责所属区域内的销售业务开发工作,完成销售目标&提供售后服务 Make sales plans according to sales goals, be responsible for the sales business development, complete sales goals & provide after sales service in given region. 2、客户开发与客户关系维护 Customer development and maintenance of customer relationship. 3、了解所在国家的行业及市场动态,定期输出市场调研分析报告 Understand the industry and market trends in the country, export market research and analysis reports regularly. 4、领导交办的其他工作 Other tasks given by the supervisor.

Job Requirements

Qualification Requirements: 1、学历:本科或硕士 / Education: Bachelor or Master 2、专业:纺织工程、机械工程等相关专业优先 Major: Textile engineering, mechanical engineering and other related majors is preferred. 3、语言:除精通母语外,英文和中文熟练者优先 Language: In addition to proficiency in native language, proficiency in English and Chinese is preferred Competency Requirements: 1、良好的沟通协调及语言表达能力 Good communication, coordination and language skills 2、勤奋进取,主动思考,有上进心 Hard-working & enterprising, self-motivated 3、严谨踏实,责任心强,条理清晰 Rigorous and practical, strong sense of responsibility and clear organization 4、具有高度的团队合作精神,为人忠诚、正直 With high level of team spirit, loyalty and integrity 5、较强的学习能力、创新意识、抗压能力 Strong learning ability, innovation awareness, and stress resistance 6、接受出差 Accept business trip

Required Languages

Indonesian, Vietnamese, Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Business manager


Unlimited experience

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