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Business Manager
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthChangZhou
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Job Responsibilities

1. According to the sales target assigned by the company, formulate the sales forecast, index decomposition and sales plan of the foreign trade department to ensure the completion of the sales task of the department. Formulate the number index for developing new customers every month and track the completion of this index. 2. Lead the Ministry of Foreign Trade to actively explore the international market, contact with foreign customers, seek orders, and lead business negotiations and sign contracts. 3. Lead the operation of key customer orders of foreign trade department, and urge subordinates to handle customer orders according to regulations (offer sheet, contracts, task orders, shipping orders, customs declaration, order management, document review, etc.), ensure that orders of key customers are operated smoothly and all orders are handled without errors. 4. In accordance with the company's financial policies, contract terms and relevant provisions of export Trade Assurance, responsible for and supervising department members to collect the payment in time to ensure the safe and timely recovery of the payment. 5, responsible for the evaluation, tracking, management and risk control of foreign trade orders. 6, responsible for foreign trade business process management and risk control. 7, responsible for the arrangement of customer information, do a good job in customer requirements of timely feedback and processing. 8. Be responsible for the proper handling of emergency accidents during the performance of the contract. 9. According to market information, participate in and assist Department members to negotiate with potential and existing key customers, follow up and implement follow-up order operations, do a good job of order linking, and ensure the success rate of key customers and the satisfaction rate of contracted customers. 10, responsible for the formulation of department performance appraisal and training plan, and implement the training, improve the team's business ability, promote business growth. 11. Hold the regular meeting of foreign trade department and hand in the regular meeting report to the superior, and timely promote the smooth and timely completion of the matters on the regular meeting. 12. Communicate with customers actively and timely, send the work dispatch form formed by communication information to all relevant departments, track and implement the completion of each department, and determine the completion time. 13. Attend the exhibition and sort out the information report of attending the exhibition, and submit the improvement report of attending the exhibition at the same time. 14. Control the expenditure of various expenses and sales expenses in the sales process, and reasonably control the sales cost. 15. Complete the temporary work assigned by the general manager of the company.

Job Requirements

Good english speaking, reading and writing skills; ◆Have the ability of comprehensive management, strategic decision-making and sales planning, have led and managed the sales team and achieved good results; ◆Have a deep understanding of photovoltaic industry, familiar with industry dynamics and Operation development trend; ◆Have the ability of communication, coordination, scheduling, command and organization, and exploitation; ◆Excellent ability of overall planning, analysis, synthesis, induction, organization and coordination ability and teamwork spirit

Required Languages

Hindi, Turkish, Spanish, English

Job Details

Position type

Business manager


1~3 years

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