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DSE Science Foreign Teacher
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthHuizhou
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Job Responsibilities

1.Proficient in middle school science teaching content; 2.Utilize diverse teaching methods according to teaching needs, stimulate students' interest in learning, and cultivate good learning habits; 3.Coach students to participate in science competitions and promote learning through competitions: 4.Effective classroom management: Regularly evaluate students' learning situation and adjust teaching strategies in a timely manner; 5.Other tasks arranged by the school.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in science related disciplines such as biology, physics, chemistry, etc.: Possess a solid foundation in teaching basic scientific knowledge in junior high school; 2. Those with teaching experience in international schools or DSE courses are preferred; 3. Love education and teaching, be dedicated to work and have good communication skills; 4. Be meticulous and patient towards students, have strong affinity, a high sense of responsibility, and a good team spirit.

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

Subject Teacher


3~5 years

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