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Seller Operation Specialist
Full-time45k - 50K RMB per monthUnited States - Los Angeles
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Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities: 1. According to the characteristics and models of the platform, introduce sellers or brands that meet the platform's positioning and competitiveness; guide merchants to settle in according to the category development goals, and promote the rapid growth of sellers' product expansion. 2. Carry out hierarchical operation management for merchants, clarify the seller's product structure and supply situation, sort out and formulate the growth path of merchants, and continuously optimize the merchant's operating mechanism. 3. Grasp the market situation, industry characteristics and distribution system in the United States; gain insight into competitors' operation dynamics, analysis of platform user composition and hot-selling categories, explore business opportunities, and promote business growth. 4. Familiar with the basic knowledge and rules of cross-border e-commerce, and complete the 0-1 innovative project of the landing part. 5. Combining the pain points of sellers/operations and promoting the implementation of optimization solutions to continuously improve customer experience. Feel free to reach out if you are interested: Email: steve.wu@hiredchina.com LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/steve-wu-93b287244 WhatsApp: +8618681484644 WeChat: hiredchina13

Job Requirements

Requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of experience in the cross-border e-commerce platform industry, experience in operating luxury goods is preferred; 2. Excellent English ability, understanding of American trend culture, 3. Clear logic, methodology, and good 0-1 project success cases in past work. 4. Strong internal drive, proactive, good at communication, strong project coordination ability, good at advancing cross-departmental work; 5. Have a keen sense of the market and data, and have certain data analysis and data disassembly capabilities.

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Job Details

Position type

E-commerce operation/Offline operation/Product operation


1~3 years

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