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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the background operation of Alibaba international station, a cross-border e-commerce platform; 2. International station e-commerce platform and other ways to develop customers and follow-up maintenance tracking; 3. Handle customer inquiries and quotations, and actively grasp and understand customer needs through e-mail and mobile phone, so as to promote the transaction of orders and maintain stickiness; 4. Follow up document making, delivery, collection and other processes; 5. Take the initiative to develop new customers, old customers, secondary development of customers, and promote the return of orders;

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, unlimited major. 2. CET-4 or above, basic oral English communication is accessible. 3. Unlimited experience, more than one year experience in b-end platforms such as Alibaba or made in China is preferred; 4. Rigorous work, strong planning, good at analyzing and thinking problems, sense of responsibility and strong sense of teamwork.

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1~3 years

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