Planning Manager( Mumbai, India)
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Job Responsibilities

1,Track and execute the production progress of the order, supervise the daily work of the factory, and assist in dealing with related exceptions; 2. Regularly output the general progress report, communicate with the sales department, and implement the delivery arrangement, Respond to sales needs in a timely manner; 3. Follow up on issues related to the daily work of the project team such as order clearance, customer inspection, delivery, container loading, etc.; If you are suitable for this job, welcome to send your CV to WeChat ID:hiredchina4

Job Requirements

1,Full-time bachelor degree or above, supply chain major is preferred; 2. 1 -3 years of supply chain planning or sales experience, with export supply chain related work experience, shipping and customs related work experience is preferred; 3. Fluent language skills, proficient in local languages, Chinese and English as working languages ​​are preferred; 4 , Strong logical ability, a certain data processing ability, proficient in SAP, Excel and other office software; 5. Strong learning ability, able to withstand work pressure, good communication and coordination skills; 6. Strong sense of responsibility, proactive, and strong sense of collective honor . 7, Language requirement: Chinese, English

Required Languages

English, Chinese

Job Details

Position type

Other production positions


1~3 years

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