Multilingual Customer Service Representative
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthOnline
Mechanist Games
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for daily customer support, answering in-game tickets, questions on Facebook, and emails; 2. Assist players resolve technical problems with the game; 3. Record game problems and feedback from users, and solve online issues; 4. Pay attention to Facebook and other social communities, and collect feedback from players; 5. Proofreading of operational activities, game localization and advertising proposals

Job Requirements

1. Good written and verbal communication skills in Italian and Spanish; 2. Love games, understand player's psychology and habits; 3. Strong computer skills, the ability to operate multiple applications and platforms simultaneously; 4. Strong problem solving / troubleshooting skills; 5. Proactive and creative with the drive to improve and continuously learn; 6. Availability to work off-hours is needed; 7. Pleasant personality, good teamwork and stress tolerance; 8. If you are multilingual, this will be a plus for you

Required Languages

English, Spanish, Italian

Job Details

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Unlimited experience

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