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Tiktok Anchor
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Job Responsibilities

1. Be able to communicate in Chinese, Indonesian written and spoken without any barriers, and can perform tiktok live broadcast and written translation. 2. Experience requirements: 1 year of experience in tiktok (accepting fresh graduates, with someone to guide them) 3. Have a certain understanding of tiktok live broadcast process 4. Have a sense of goal and be result-oriented

Job Requirements

1. Check the materials, yellow carts, and live broadcast discounts before the live broadcast; 2. Plan live broadcast scripts according to strategic goals every day, complete daily live broadcast content, and drive interaction in the comment area or private domain to complete the goals 3. After the live broadcast is completed every day, review the live broadcast data and improve the live broadcast content. 4. Maintain private domain users and guide them to convert 5. Other translation work

Required Languages

Mandarin, Indonesian

Job Details

Position type



Unlimited experience

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