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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for managing the daily operations of the wine service in a star-rated restaurant, ensuring smooth running of beverage services for high-end business clients. 2. Compile and manage the restaurant's beverage budget and cost control, aligning with back-end inventory data. 3. Manage the wine cellar, including procurement, storage, and inventory checks, to prevent abnormal losses. 4. Proactively implement cost-saving methods, effectively control inventory, and reuse energy resources as much as possible. 5. Design, pair, and revise the wine list with meal beverage packages. 6. Train staff and motivate them to provide excellent beverage service to guests. 7. Recommend the appropriate wines based on customer needs to achieve monthly, quarterly, and annual sales targets.

Job Requirements

1. Possesses extensive knowledge of wine tasting and service, recommending the most suitable wines to complement meals for guests. 2. Has a good appearance, with refined manners, excellent communication skills, and sales techniques. 3. Holds a professional sommelier certification. 4. Able to withstand work pressure and positively address problems. 5. Experience in star-rated hotels or restaurants is preferred. 6. Proficient in English. 7. Has over 3 years of experience working as a sommelier.

Required Languages

French, English

Job Details

Position type

Other catering and hotel positions


1~3 years

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