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Supplier Specialist
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthShanghai
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Job Responsibilities

1. Implement procurement based on company needs and plans: Conduct international procurement of products according to the specific needs and procurement plans of the company, including finding suitable suppliers and conducting price negotiations. 2. Execute the procurement process, create purchase orders, track delivery, and ensure supply: Responsible for the execution of the entire procurement process, including creating purchase orders, tracking the arrival status of goods, ensuring that purchased goods can arrive on time and meet the company's needs. 3. Negotiation, negotiation, and comparison of goods: In the international procurement process, price negotiations are required to compare the prices and quality of different suppliers in order to obtain the most cost-effective procurement plan. 4. Cooperate with foreign market sales work: Collaborate with the international market department to understand market demand and trends, make procurement decisions based on market demand, and support the company's international market sales activities. 5. Other tasks and arrangements formulated by the company: Execute other related procurement tasks and arrangements according to the specific needs and arrangements of the company. 6. Understand the import and export customs procedures: Understand and familiarize oneself with the import and export customs procedures, ensure that the purchased goods can pass customs inspections smoothly, and avoid delays or additional costs caused by violations of relevant regulations.

Job Requirements

1. Language proficiency: Generally, good English speaking and writing skills are required. For countries or regions involving multiple languages, proficiency in the corresponding language is also required,such as Spanish and Russian. 2. Professional knowledge and experience: Possess relevant knowledge in international trade, supply chain management, and at least 3 years of international procurement experience. 3. Communication and negotiation skills: Able to independently develop and negotiate suppliers, familiar with international transportation and cost accounting, possessing strong negotiation and cross departmental and cross platform communication skills. 4. Technical proficiency: Proficient in operating office software, sensitive to data, able to quickly process and analyze procurement related data and information. 5. Professional competence: Proactive in work, with a sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit, and strong ability to withstand pressure.

Required Languages

Russian, Spanish, English

Job Details

Position type

Procurement Specialist/Supervisor


1~3 years

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