Product Manager(Product Design) for toys industry
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Job Responsibilities

1. Collect relevant information of toy industry according to the company's development strategic direction, and provide decision support and basis for new product planning and design; 2. Promote the continuous improvement and perfection of products through customer communication, on-site investigation and other means, combined with customer needs; 3. Be responsible for the investigation, collection, sorting and analysis of customer needs, and prepare the requirements specification and implementation scheme; 4. Regularly connect with the company's designers and technicians to guide and monitor the project analysis, design and development in the whole process; 5. Analyze the market trends, draw on the advantages of the industry and competitors, and analyze the product development trends regularly; 6. Track the market effect and customer feedback of the ordered products, collect and actively tap the improvement needs, continuously improve the products according to the business needs and improve customer satisfaction.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, understand English, German and other two or more languages, mothers&babies industry is preferred,and also can accept related industries; 2. Have practical experience in product or demand management, and have unique opinions and ideas on new products and customer needs; 3. Have strong communication skills and logical judgment ability, and have unique opinions on product design, product analysis, color matching, competition analysis, etc; 4. Strong learning ability, clear logic, pioneering ideas, strong summary and induction ability, and good at listening to the voice of customers; 5. Full of passion for work, strong innovation spirit, sense of responsibility, able to work under pressure and strong team spirit Contact Information Contact person: Cheryl Cai E-mail: Wechat: hiredchina100

Required Languages

English, French, German, Other, Italian

Job Details

Position type

Product manager


3~5 years

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