Men and Women models for ecommerce product videos
Part-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthOnline
Tradefort Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

We'll be shipping you different products from gadgets to fashion, devices, etc... And you'll be making us videos with those products (either wearing, using, showcasing, unboxing). We'll be paying you about $8 per video (negotiable), you'll have the opportunity to create a lot of videos for us, 30+ videos each month possibly. So for 30 short videos you'd receive $240. Simple job only requires a decent smartphone and a few minutes per day. We highly prefer for you to be able to speak English in the video too. But if you don't want to speak in videos still apply we may have some work for you.

Job Requirements

- White / Light Olive Skin - Age 18 - 80 - Fluently speak English language - Average or good physical shape

Required Languages


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Less than one year

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