Senior English Teacher
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthShanghai
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Job Responsibilities

- Deliver high-quality and engaging classes to kids ages 4-15. Classes will range from 1.5 minutes to 3 hours per session. Class groups will have 6 students max. Classes will be delivered on a regular schedule. - Independently craft lesson plans that meet learning objectives of the curriculum,including:planning lessons, improving kids' listening and speaking skills, marking class reports. - Assist on the curriculum development - Coach students in the library, guid them to write and write the modification suggestion for them, also encouraging them to maintain a good reading habit. - Use Project-Based Learning to help students complete projects. - Mark reading , writing and homework assignments with constructive feedback. - Monitor student progress over the course of the workshop and communicate any suggestions or concerns about students. - Design & pitch new classes that connects with your passions and our student’s educational goals. - Collaborate with other teachers and staff to craft new, exciting teaching methods and approaches to student learning. - Staying current and reading books that are relevant to literature and writing instruction..

Job Requirements

- Native Speaker -Four-year undergraduate degree ( or higher) or at least two years post-graduation work experience. -Holding Teaching Type work Visa - TESOL/TEFL certificate is a plus, not necessary - Warm personality paired with a collaborative attitude. - A passion for teaching students and helping others grow. -Reliable and Stable -Responsible -Punctual - Good at literature reading, writing. -Applicants already in China preferred - Be able to work efficiently and under pressure

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English teacher


1~3 years

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