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International Business Development Specialist
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthShanghai
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Job Responsibilities

Job Description: We are looking for an international business development specialist who is proactive, skilled in communication, and has potential for market expansion to join our team. The candidate will be responsible for assisting in managing agent relationships in the domestic market, communicating effectively with users, following up on potential customers, and answering user questions about products and applications. In addition, he/she will actively explore new channel partners to expand our influence and sales channels in the target market. Job responsibilities: 1. Assist in managing agent relationships in the domestic market, communicate and cooperate effectively with agents, and ensure that agents can fully understand and promote the sales of company products. 2. Effectively communicate with users, understand their needs, and provide corresponding product solutions to ensure that users have a clear understanding and understanding of the products and applications. 3. Follow up with potential customers, actively promote sales processes, and facilitate the signing and delivery of orders. 4. Answering user inquiries about products and applications, providing timely and effective technical support and after-sales service, ensuring user satisfaction and loyalty. 5. Actively explore new channel partners, establish and expand sales channels, and expand the company's influence and market share in the target market.

Job Requirements

Job requirements: 1. Students studying in China or foreigners whose destination country is in Shanghai should have good cross-cultural communication skills and be able to understand and adapt to work environments and customer needs in different cultural backgrounds. 2. Possess excellent customer communication skills and business skills, able to effectively drive sales processes and achieve customer development goals. 3. Possess good teamwork spirit, able to work closely with team members to jointly complete customer development tasks and goals. 4. Possess good problem-solving skills and customer service awareness, able to promptly and effectively answer customer questions and doubts, and provide high-quality after-sales service. 5. Possess strong self motivation and learning ability, able to quickly adapt to the company's products and sales processes, and continuously improve one's sales skills and professional knowledge. 6. Priority will be given to those with relevant industry sales experience.

Required Languages

Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Italian, German, French

Job Details

Position type

Business manager


Unlimited experience

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