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Sr Assembly Plant Manager
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Job Responsibilities

Job Responsible: 1.Production tasks——according to the production task list and combined with the actual production capacity allocation tasks of the workshop, responsible for implementing the production tasks; timely communicate with the production planning module to adjust task allocation in case of over-capacity or under-capacity; promptly resolve abnormal situations in the production process . 2 Safe production ——organize the discussion, implementation and improvement of safety assurance measures in each workshop; Organize safety meetings, safety publicity, equipment protection measures and employee operation safety inspections in each workshop. 3 Quality management —— organize production in strict accordance with process requirements and quality standards; be responsible for the guidance and supervision of the quality management of each workshop director in the department; be responsible for organizing quality improvement and related technical improvement. 4.Cost control - Timely summarize the cost control information of each workshop and formulate corresponding cost control strategies; responsible for reviewing and adjusting product prices 5.On-site management According to the relevant regulations on on-site production management, do a good job in the guidance of 5S and equipment management; supervise the work to ensure that the production site is clean and orderly 6.Report Management—According to various reports provided by relevant departments, analyze abnormal situations and propose remedial measures. Responsible for the review of remedial measures and check the implementation status; organize improvement activities based on product inspection data provided by the Quality

Job Requirements

Qualifications: Bachelor degree or above is must 1.Over 5 years experience in workshop production managemen and home furnishing industry; Familiar with the company's workflow and quality management requirements; 2. Master knowledge of assembly technology and quality standards, master the knowledge of sofa production management; 3. Have knowledge of coordinating and organizing work as a process manager, and have knowledge about product quality and environmental protection 4. Chinese can be used as working language;Have good planning and organization skills, communication skills, and interpersonal coordination skills: 5. Master the relevant requirements of occupational health, safety and environmental management

Required Languages

Mandarin, Vietnamese

Job Details

Position type

Plant/Factory Manager


5~10 years

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