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General Manager, Manufacturing
Full-timeNegotiableUnited States - In Dallas, Texas
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Job Responsibilities

1. Bachelor's degree or higher education, with a background in relevant engineering or management disciplines. Fluent in English with native-level communication skills. 2. Over 8 years of experience in overseas production and operations, preferably with experience in establishing factories in the United States. Familiar with overseas factory planning, and experienced in production operations. 3. Familiar with local policies, with a strong risk awareness and risk management ability. 4. Excellent ability in team building, team management, and resource integration, capable of effectively driving the achievement of team goals. 5. Outstanding leadership and interpersonal relationship management skills, able to quickly integrate into the local culture and work environment. 6. Excellent communication, coordination, and negotiation skills, capable of collaborating with local governments, customers, and various stakeholders

Job Requirements

1. Responsible for the overall operation and management of the company's overseas facilities. 2. Build and manage teams, integrate resources, and ensure the achievement of team goals. 3. Responsible for key tasks such as mass production delivery, cost control, and quality assurance for customers, ensuring quality, quantity, and profitability. 4. Actively lead cultural development and promote company culture building

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Job Details

Position type

Plant/Factory Manager


5~10 years

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