Factory General Manager
Full-time50k - 60K RMB per monthSouth Africa
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Job Responsibilities

Planning management: Based on business and market demands, lead and collaborate with relevant parties to carry out short-term (annual), medium, and long-term production planning, and make business plans, including production capacity, personnel, budget, and marketing. Internal operation construction and improvement: Lead the establishment of various business processes and departmental management systems in the factory, ensure the implementation of processes and systems, and continuously improve the quality of factory operations. Team management: Establish, train, and develop a factory team, provide timely support and guidance to the team, establish performance evaluation standards and goals, incentive systems, and improve work efficiency and quality. Production management: Supervise factory production activities, promptly handle and solve production management issues, ensure orderly and efficient production, and ensure timely delivery. Sales management: Track sales dynamics, link production, and sales teams well, ensure that production and business are not disconnected, business needs are met in a timely manner, and business problems are resolved in a timely manner. Upward management communication: Maintain good communication and interaction with factory shareholders or shareholder representatives, timely report as required, and ensure information symmetry and consistent goals among all parties.

Job Requirements

Familiar with various functions and operational management processes of the factory, with business awareness. Having a cross-cultural work background and understanding the differences in thinking styles between China and the West, English can be used as the working language. Have excellent communication and coordination, organizational management, upward management, persuasion, and negotiation skills. Proactive in work, strong ability to withstand pressure, good at adjusting to conflicts and solving problems. How to Apply: Please submit your latest resume as a single attachment and send it to Email Adress: royal.luo@hiredchina.com WhatsApp:+8618028511810 WeChat:hiredchina100 Please note: Due to the sheer volume of applications we receive for each job opening, we are not able to reach out to every applicant, we will contact applicants who meet the selection criteria and have a potential fit for the role.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Plant/Factory Manager


5~10 years

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