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Job Responsibilities

【we have recording works in Italian, greek , bulgarian, dutch, czech, solvenian, swedish, turkmen languages too 】 So far we are urgently looking for European standard Portuguese audio recorder: Note: All languages are required the native standard pronunciation of the corresponding language. If the accent does not meet the requirements, no settlement will be made. (For example, the demand for Portuguese is the European Portuguese standard sound, thus the African Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese are not settled) 一、 Recorder requirements: 1. - Each speaker needs to record 1050 sentences of audio data, and no settlement will be made for more or less recording; 2. - The same account can only be recorded by one speaker, and no more than one person can use the same account. 3. - Each speaker can only participate in the recording of this project once (1050 sentences). 4. - Recording personnel requirements: corresponding to native speakers of the recording language, the requirement is the standard tone of the recording language, and there should be no dialects; 5. - Naturalness of pronunciation: Recording in a natural and smooth way of speaking, imitating a normal conversation, each sentence of the recorded voice needs to be controlled at about 2 to 8 seconds.

Job Requirements

Recording requirements: 1. - Equipment: mobile phone recording - ios system requires iphone7 or higher model - Mobile phone position: The microphone is located 10-15cm in front of the mouth - Note: You cannot use earphones when recording, and cannot be too close or too far away from the phone, or record when charging. 2. - The recording environment is quiet, the bottom noise is below 50db, no echo, no open sound. There should be no sudden huge background noise, (such as: sudden impact, percussion, horn honking, sudden music, sudden The ringtones, people around you are talking in loud voices and arguing, etc.), can’t be collected in open spaces, such as classrooms, auditoriums, toilets, hotel halls, etc. 3. - No reverberation, no current noise, no spraying, no cut sound. 4. - Recordings need a positive and healthy, with no fear of violent content sensitive and yellow. 三、验收要求 Acceptance Criteria: 1. - The qualification rate is 96%. 2. - Reverberation, current, cut sound, spraying of wheat, other human voices, and noise (continuous, sudden) are all unqualified data. 3. - The accent requires the standard accent of the mother tongue of the above-mentioned countries. Local accents and accents from other countries are unqualified data. 4. - Recordings need a positive and healthy, with no fear of violent content sensitive and yellow. 5. - Speak clearly, do not miss words, and do not read quickly. It can't be too vague, and it can't be slow to a word. 6. - Clear pronunciation, no coughing, no stammering. 7. - If it is a reading, it is forbidden to stop before the reading is finished. - If there is a mispronunciation, coughing, occasional noise, etc., you should pause the recording and re-record when you are ready.

Required Languages

Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Portuguese

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